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Power of Personal Practice (PPP):

 PPP is a series of workshops designed for both youth and adults.  PPP focuses on dialogic, aesthetic, and somatic processes which heighten awareness of Self and Others. PPP explores the realms of global citizenry, conscious leadership, conflict transformation, community healing, stewardship, and positive peacebuilding. PPP focuses on self-actualization, creative genius, empathy, and cultivating daily mindfulness practices through yoga, dance and art. Power of Personal Practice is an inspiring and interactive workshop. Attendees will engage in simple and mindful movement, meditation, vision work, aesthetic exercises, journaling and Council. Upon completion of workshop attendees will be able to identify and express personal narratives, demonstrate a heightened command of personal power, and implement creative, solution-oriented projects which encourage self and collective efficacy through compassion and activism.

Collaborative Workshop Models:
  1. Painting from Emotion: painting emotions, experiences, memories, dreams, and developing expressive symbols on paper and canvas
  2. Life, Perspective Experimentation and Abstract Drawing: still life, copying photographs, and drawing from imagination with graphite, pen and ink, charcoal, oil and chalk pastels on paper
  3. Collage, Textiles, and Mobiles: transfer techniques using cut-outs from magazines, photos, sketches, textiles, and 3-D objects on wood board; mobiles will be made with found natural treasures and other materials
  4. Mixed Media Approach: an expressive, adventurous mixture of materials from all workshops
  5. Murals: designing and painting indoor or outdoor murals free hand from sketches or using grid system
  6. Autoethnographic Research Project: Power of Personal Practice: Being the change we want to see in the world
Conscious Creativity collaborative models are facilitated workshops with a focus on inspiring motivation and developing authentic forms of expression through custom designing studios, discourses and methodologies for individuals or groups.
Workshops may also incorporate yoga, meditation, journal writing, musical expression, and dance.  
Prices and references available upon request.                                          

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